Promising Practices

The Promising Practices database informs professionals and community members about documented approaches to improving community health and quality of life.

The ultimate goal is to support the systematic adoption, implementation, and evaluation of successful programs, practices, and policy changes. The database provides carefully reviewed, documented, and ranked practices that range from good ideas to evidence-based practices.
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CenteringPregnancy Program (Palm Beach County, FL)


GOAL: The goal of the program is to improve birth outcomes among at-risk pregnant women through the delivery of structured group prenatal care.

IMPACT: The intervention group had a significantly less proportion of preterm births than the control group (5% group prenatal care vs 13% traditional care; p=0.04).

Foster Children’s Project (Palm Beach)


GOAL: To advocate for children and help them resolve their most pressing legal problem: being in the custody of the state when they need to be in the custody of a family – biological or adoptive – within the 12 months provided by law.

Healthy Families: Palm Beach (Palm Beach County)


GOAL: The goal of Healthy Families Palm Beach is to prevent child abuse and neglect.

Healthy Steps for Young Children: Palm Beach (Palm Beach, FL)


GOAL: Improve early identification of concerns and initiate interventions to improve the health, development and emotional wellness of children, newborn to age three.

IMPACT: HSFYC parents were less likely to use severe discipline (OR: 0.68) and more likely to negotiate with their child (OR: 1.20). HSFYC parents had greater odds of reporting a clinical or borderline concern regarding their child’s behavior (OR: 1.35).