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Who We Are
Children's Services Council, a special district created by Palm Beach County voters, provides leadership, funding and research on behalf of the county's children so they grow up healthy, safe, and strong. 
How We Work
To make the biggest impact possible, we focus on prenatal care and early childhood development so more Palm Beach County children are born healthy, are safe from abuse and neglect, are ready to learn when they enter school and have access to quality afterschool programming.
To reach these goals we fund local nonprofit and other agencies, which provide proven, high-quality services to our county's children and their families. 
How You Benefit
Because of the wise investment Palm Beach County residents make in Children's Services Council, our children are given the fundamental tools for success early in life, making them much more likely to:
  • Reach vital growth and development milestones
  • Graduate from high school
  • Become productive members of society
This does more than save us all money. It builds the foundation for a strong, safe community we are proud to live in.

When children are born and grow up healthy, millions are saved in health care costs.
When children grow up safe, everybody wins. Safe, secure children are much more likely to be emotionally, socially and academically ready for school – and for life. 
When children enter school ready to succeed, they increase future workforce skills, raise productivity and assure our competitiveness in the global economy.