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Health & Human Services 

Community Indicator Report 

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This Report of Health and Human Services is a dynamic, “living” assessment of Palm Beach County's status and progress on indicators in 16 health and human service categories. The effort was initiated by the Citizens Advisory Committee on Health & Human Services (CAC) and is intended for use as a guide to making decisions, promoting community participation in government and sharing important data with those involved in health and human services. 

The report provides information that creates a general framework to be used by the Palm Beach County Board of County Commissioners, County Administration and Citizens Advisory Committee on Health & Human Services (CAC) in making decisions about the development of the community’s social services programs. 

It includes:

    • Over 16 priority health and human service goals
    • Over 25 data indicators to help assess the County's status 
    • Information on the community improvement efforts of local agencies
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    Special Recognition and Work Groups: See who contributed to the report by service category title