Nurse Family Partnership (NFP): Palm Beach


An Evidence-Based Practice


The Nurse Family Partnership program provides home visits by registered nurses to first-time mothers, beginning during pregnancy and continuing through the child's second birthday. The home visitors focus on improving maternal health, promoting competent parenting, and enhancing parental life-course development. Home visitors involve family members and friends in the program and help families to use other community health and human services. The program is designed to serve first-time mothers. It is particularly aimed at new mothers who have additional risk factors, such as low socioeconomic status, unmarried, or young (under 19).

This program is locally funded by Children Services Council of Palm Beach County.

Goal / Mission

The program has three primary goals:
1) to improve pregnancy outcomes by promoting health-related behaviors;
2) to improve child health, development and safety by promoting competent care-giving; and
3) to enhance parent life-course development by promoting pregnancy planning, educational achievement, and employment.

The program also has two secondary goals: to enhance families' material support by providing links with needed health and social services, and to promote supportive relationships among family and friends.

Results / Accomplishments

From July 2008 to the end of 2010, 321 women registered for the program in Palm Beach County, FL. The local implementation of this program enrolled a substantially higher percentage of eligible referrals
(91.7%) than the other national sites (66.2%).

In the last three decades, extensive research has been conducted nationally of the Nurse-Family Partnership.

Consistent program effects have shown:
- Improved prenatal health
- Fewer childhood injuries
- Fewer subsequent pregnancies
- Increased intervals between births
- Increased maternal employment
- Improved school readiness

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Christine Englestad
Palm Beach County Health Dept.
800 Clematis St
West Palm Beach, FL 33401
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Palm Beach County Health Department
Children Services Council of Palm Beach County
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West Palm Beach, FL
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Children Services Council of Palm Beach County