Healthy Families: Palm Beach


An Evidence-Based Practice


Healthy Families Palm Beach (HFPB) is a local implementation of the nation-wide evidence-based program Healthy Families America. HFPB Is a voluntary home visitation program that has been proven to prevent child abuse and neglect through promotion of positive parent-child relationships, child health education, and child screenings for developmental delays.

The program uses the Healthy Families Florida Assessment Tool to identify eligible families, and offers them participation in the program either prenatally or at the birth of a child. Depending on the needs of the family, the program's services are provided for up to five years.

This program is locally funded by Children Services Council of Palm Beach County.

Goal / Mission

The goal of Healthy Families Palm Beach is to prevent child abuse and neglect.

Results / Accomplishments

Healthy Families America has undergone multiple randomized control trials and quasi-experimental research studies. Key findings include reduction of child maltreatment, improved parent-child interactions and school readiness, decreased dependency on welfare, and increased access to primary care medical services and immunization rates.

In the Palm Beach County implementation of the program, 73% of families remained enrolled in the program for 12 months or longer, in comparison with the Healthy Families America national average of 50%.

About this Promising Practice

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Stephanie Moreau
3333 Forest Hill Blvd.
2nd Floor
West Palm Beach, Florida 33406
(561) 721-2887
Health / Children's Health
Public Safety / Domestic Violence
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Families First of Palm Beach County
Children Services Council of Palm Beach County
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Palm Beach County
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Children, Families
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Children Services Council of Palm Beach County